how does coaching work?

How do i begin?

  • Let me know you're interested: contact me
  • I'll set up a free phone consultation. It’s very low-key and relaxed. 
  • Fill out the client questionnaire that helps me learn more about you and what you want to achieve.

what happens next?

  • Self-schedule your weekly sessions via my online booking system at a time that suits you. 
  • We meet weekly via telephone or Skype voice for 30-45 minutes. 
  • In between sessions, you receive encouragement, support, and advice through an interactive online interface. I'll help you achieve your creative and intellectual goals with suggestions and questions tailored to your project and your personal and professional experiences.
  • Along the way, I will suggest readings and small “homework” assignments to help you learn more about yourself and what makes you tick as a writer and a thinker. These are entirely optional. You can put as little or as much into the experience as you like.

what happens after coaching?

  • Advanced Coaching  is a gentle way to slowly transition from coaching. Think of it as coaching “light.” It’s the same structure of accountability, the same motivation that comes from outside encouragement, and the same chance to get insights on problems as they arise, but with fewer contact hours. Advanced coaching is available to anyone who has completed at least four months of coaching.
  • Check-ups  Once you’ve left monthly coaching, you can still get a quick pick-me-up with the occasional phone session. These can also be added to any coaching plan for extra support in times of high stress or intense deadlines.