How do I register for a Bookcamp?

Choose your camp from the drop-down menu and submit your payment. Within 48 hours you will receive a contract and a questionnaire to help the Bookcamp coach better support you while you write.

Is Bookcamp for me?

Are you an academic who needs a helpful push to do the most important writing and thinking of your career? If you’ve been neglecting your book because of teaching, committee work, conferences, or other professional and personal pressures, Bookcamp will give you a place to focus on your writing and find camaraderie with other scholars pursuing the same goal. Bookcamp will also help you change those habits that hold you back, so that you will be more productive year-round.

Where do Bookcamps meet?

Bookcamps happen online. Online group sessions on Mondays launch a productive writing week. Because the amorphous work time of academia is one of the main reasons that books get pushed to the bottom of the to-do list, these Monday meetings are designed to make sure you stick to a regular work schedule. The rest is down to the customized writing schedule each participant develops with the support of the coach. 

What happens in between Bookcamp group meetings?

Writing. Lots of writing. And regular check-ins from your coach through a customized Google doc. I’m there to support you, encourage you, and offer quick solutions if you get stuck. And of course, to recommend time to rest, swim, and write home on the weekend.

What do I need to do to prepare for a Bookcamp?

Pull together anything you’ve already done on your book proposal, chapter, or article. For the Finish A Proposal Bookcamp and the Complete a Chapter Bookcamp, be ready to write 4-5 days a week. Try to avoid scheduling many meetings, travel, or other time commitments during the camp. Don’t mix your goals. Commit to the project at hand and save that long list of conference papers, grants, creative projects for another time. And if you need help completing the tasks on that long list of other projects, sign up for monthly coaching after the camp.

How is a Bookcamp different from monthly 1-on-1 coaching?

Bookcamp is a concentrated version of private monthly coaching. Campers learn many of the same techniques for ending procrastination, feeling confident, getting unstuck, enjoying writing, and blocking distractions. As well as the self-care and self-awareness that lead to greater productivity. We focus on how to write to engage intelligent readers and eager editors rather than defend against imagined critics. But bookcamps are more intensive and all the work is focused on a single goal. They also have the added benefit of camaraderie: working and talking to others who are in the same boat.

How many people are in each Bookcamp?

Three to seven

Who are the people in MY Bookcamp?

Tenured, tenure-track, and contract faculty who want to finish their proposals, books, and articles

Do you offer other Bookcamps?

Bookcamps launch in early summer 2016, but I will be offering other concentrated sessions later in the summer and year-round to help academics achieve their most important goals.


Debit and credit cards. Choose your camp from the drop-down menu and submit your payment. If you need additional materials in order to be reimbursed through a research account, please contact me:

What if I have more questions?

Please email me: I'm available to answer any questions, or we can hop on Skype if you need to talk about it before deciding.