write for your most engaged reader, not your harshest critic


  • feel stuck when you try to write?
  • long to finish the one big project?
  • struggle with perfectionism?
  • become easily distracted?
  • fear criticism?
  • procrastinate?
  • help others but neglect your own work?
  • worry about missed opportunities?
  • feel bullied, manipulated, or pushed?
  • feel nervous, angry, or exhausted?
  • know that you can do more with your writing than you're doing? 


  • finish your book, dissertation, article, essay - even if you’ve struggled for years
  • achieve your own writing goals not someone else's
  • enjoy writing again
  • find your own voice and do more with it
  • calm your anxiety
  • set clear boundaries so you can accomplish more
  • feel more confident
  • recognize your power where you used to feel powerless
  • overcome black-and-white thinking and tap into your real creative and intellectual power

Why do I need a coach?

A busy life filled with teaching, committees, conferences, travel, editing, partners, family, and more means that your own research, writing, and publishing often falls to the bottom of the list. A coach is there to encourage you to do your own work. But more than that, a coach gives you the tools to write more efficiently, more meaningfully, and with more enthusiasm and less anxiety.

Publishing is how writers get tenure, get a raise, engage the public, and raise their own profile and that of their institution. Not to mention how they create meaning out of the big ideas that really make them tick. Working with the right coach is an experience that can boost your career and change your life.

[Anne] helped me recognize some of the patterns that are holding me back ... Knowing more about the reasons behind these patterns and frustrations is a big help for me in breaking them.
Anne’s gentle prodding helped me commit to and finally complete an essay that I had been tinkering with and afraid to finish.

Why do I need CLIOS coaching?

Some academic coaches try to toughen you up by perpetuating the harsh competitiveness of academia or publishing. They break you down in order build you up. Others have a one-size-fits-all approach, making work only about schedules, goals, and getting it done no matter what your personal experiences and professional pressures. The first approach exacerbates your anxiety. The second is just a short-term solution.

With a PhD from the University of Chicago, I can empathize with those who work in high-pressure, high-achieving environments and who put even more pressure on themselves to do even more. Because we experience enough critique from ourself and our colleagues, I advocate concentration, collaboration, deep thinking, and moving forward. Instead of comparing to your past performance, I encourage you to to push on to future success. If you’re stuck because you think you aren’t achieving as much as you think you should, I help re-light your confidence.

I welcome the chance to help academics, crossover writers, public intellectuals, journalists and others writing and researching in highly competitive environments who want to achieve their goals and make an impact in their fields.

What else does clios coaching offer?

Disordered childhoods, angry parents, difficult tenure reviews, bullying committees, and high-conflict relationships can leave writers worried, tired, and full of self-doubt. Yet still full of big ideas and a drive to re-connect with their work. There's a sense that they just need a little help to get their life back. I've developed coaching methods that help writers be more productive, feel calmer, work more quickly, and enjoy their writing -- rather than just getting it done. I have a background mentoring students and coaching writers who have overcome experiences with narcissists and other emotional abusers. I'm particularly tuned into the ways the high-pressure, high-stakes environments of academia and publishing exacerbate these experiences for writers and have developed techniques to help you reclaim your intellectual and creative fire. Please read  10 Ways Narcissists Steal Your Creative and Intellectual Fire to understand more.

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